Online: ChatGPT & Friends – How they boost your Business
15.02.2024 · 16:00
15.02.2024 · 17:00

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming online event, "ChatGPT & Friends: How they boost your Business" 15.2.2024. at 4 p.m. This informative event is designed to get to know useful frameworks that help you to get more precise answers about artificial intelligence.


  1. Introduction: Generative AI: What Is It and Why Is It Revolutionary?
  2. ChatGPT: More Than Just a Chatbot A brief introduction: What is ChatGPT and How Does It Work? Let us experience YOUR first(?) prompt!
  3. Application Examples: Brainstorming and Innovation with AI Marketing: Content at a New Level for Social Media, Blogs, and More
  4. DALLE: The Power of Image Generation Graphic Design, Advertising, Product Visualization
  5. Boosting - Automating Repetitive
  6. Tasks Conclusion & Take Away: Save Time, Resources, and Money with GenAI
Karin Cikron

Karin Cikron

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