4th CEE Procurement & Supply Forum Prague

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23.08.2017 | 08:00
- 16:00
Prag, Tschechien

Application date for Croatian suppliers: August 23rd, 2017!

Seizing new Opportunities in Central & Eastern Europe

  • Strategies to access Central and Eastern European markets
  • Sourcing in Central and Eastern Europe - best practices
  • Successful supplier selection and development
  • Ensuring profitable growth through tactical partnerships
  • Date & Place: 26th October 2017, Prague

Global sourcing and sourcing in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE) has long been state of the art for international companies. Though, within the last years its significance has changed: It is focusing on finding optimal suppliers in times of international crises, strategic changes and investing in long term supplier relationships. This includes intelligent purchasing concepts and innovative collaboration. More than ever, suppliers have to go beyond simple product delivery - they are innovation and value-creation partners. Taking benefit from geographical proximity as well as from its high number of potential suppliers, CEE provides numerous options for European companies. The combined experiences of the last two years have shown that there is a truly great market waiting be discovered. New models of cooperation and systematic collaboration with suppliers from CEE can generate significant advantages for both parties.

How to effectively identify and benefit from these potentials will be the main focus of the 4th CEE Procurement & Supply Forum. It want to build bridges and want to create a living network between procurement professionals as well as between buyers and the best in class suppliers.

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